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Online Courses - UdacityVisit Site: Udacity

Cost: Free

Comments: All courses are offered for free.

Description: Udacity is a totally new kind of learning experience. You learn by solving challenging problems and pursuing udacious projects with world-renowned university instructors (not by watching long, boring lectures). At Udacity, we put you, the student, at the center of the universe.

Udacity classes will make you sweat. Passing a Udacity class is as demanding as passing a university-level class. But you will have a lot of fun along the way as you learn new skills and interact with amazing instructors and peers.

In return for your hard work, Udacity offers a range of certification options that are recognized by major technology companies who are actively recruiting from the Udacity student body. Join the hundreds of thousands of Udacity students who have already been empowered by this new form of learning. Source: www.udacity.com

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