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E-Commerce Tools - TomatoCartVisit Site: TomatoCart

Cost: Free

Comments: Free and open source e-commerce solution.

Description: TomatoCart is a next generation open source shopping cart, branched from osCommerce 3 as a separate project. Our goal is to make TomatoCart the best online shopping cart solution.

As web applications become more and more sophisticated, modern web 2.0 technology such as Ajax and Rich Internet Applications offers significant usability improvements and makes interacting with web interfaces faster and more efficient. We’ve compared a lot of frameworks and come to the conclusion that ExtJS is the best framework for TomatoCart.

We completely rewrote the osCommerce 3 administration site based on the qWikiOffice project, which is a web desktop implementation of the ExtJS RIA framework. The web desktop application mimics the user experience of a desktop Operating System, offering features and applications similar to a PC environment so that users can easily start to work with TomatoCart without any difficulty. Source:

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