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Deep Web Search - TechXtraVisit Site: TechXtra

Cost: Free

Comments: Free academic search engine.

Description: TechXtra is a free service which can help you find articles, books, the best websites, the latest industry news, job announcements, technical reports, technical data, full text eprints, the latest research, thesis & dissertations, teaching and learning resources and more, in engineering, mathematics and computing.

TechXtra searches parts of the Web that Google doesn’t, and TechXtra helps you find subject-based information, which Google doesn’t do very well. Many of the things you’ll find through TechXtra come from the ‘Hidden Web’, and are not indexed by Google.

If you’re looking for engineering, mathematics and computing information then TechXtra is for you!

If, however, your institution or library has a cross-searching service available within an institutional or library or intranet portal, you should almost certainly use that service as your first port of call. Through it, you may be able to search subscription-based services for which your institution has already paid to access. Some of the information available through TechXtra will probably not be available through your institutional or library or intranet portal, so you may want to use TechXtra as well.

Google Scholar is often good for finding articles and papers. You may also want to try it. Google Scholar doesn’t cover many of the collections covered by TechXtra, and because Google Scholar covers all subjects, you may find material on irrelevant subjects that match your search terms, in it. Source:

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