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Multimedia Search - SpezifyVisit Site: Spezify

Cost: Free

Comments: Media search engine with emphasis on visual output.

Description: Spezify is a search tool cherishing serendipity over relevance and making no difference between different kinds of media. The search results are based on API’s from different content providers such as Amazon, Facebook, Soundcloud and Vimeo, producing an ecclectic mix of things exposed like hidden gems.

Since the launch in mid 2009, Spezify has challanged the representational conventions of search. We strongly believe in the power and cognitive benefits of tools with a visual emphasis, and during these years we have excitedly seen the rise of this awareness among many new web services. We are constantly working on sharpening the experience, making Spezify a great way of discovering beautiful things, getting a macro view or different definitions of a phenomena, or simply brainstorming. Source: www.thegiftshop.se

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