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Online Collaberation - SocialspringVisit Site: Socialspring

Cost: Free (lite)

Comments: Free service available with option to pay for additional features.

Description: Today’s business moves at the speed of technology. New tools are contstantly being designed with the goal of making your job easier, but instead they seem to complicate your life and create just anohter channel you’re forced to monitor.

Socialspring aims to change that by allowing you to house all of your important communication (questions and answers, announcements, status updates, conversations, etc) in one place. When you use Socialspring your company immediately begins building a knowledgebase of pertinent information that is easily searchable in the future or by other employees. Our tools work together to make your life easier. We allow you to filter the noise of all the communication taking place in your business into a helpful stream of only knowledge that is relavant to you. Source:

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