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Online Financial Tools - RiskalyzeVisit Site: Riskalyze

Cost: Free

Comments: Free accounts available with registration.

Description: Riskalyze is an investing tool that makes it simple to build and manage a portfolio to stay within your tolerance for risk. Our patented Risk Fingerprint technology turns your risk tolerance into a quantitative mathematical function, and helps you discover and turn great investing ideas into a personalized portfolio that keeps you invested during good times and bad.

Riskalyze can make your portfolio more predictable, designing an allocation with a 95% chance of staying within a particular range during the next six months. In the first $778 million in portfolios built by Riskalyze users in 2012, less than 2% broke below projected risk.

Nobody can foresee the future or guarantee results in the markets…but Riskalyze empowers you to replace emotion with science, and consistently invest within your risk tolerance. Source: www.riskalyze.com

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