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Description: Since we first opened our doors in July of 2008, Posterous has continued to find new and better ways to make sharing simpler, more fun, and just plain awesome. It’s a commitment to never-ending improvement that runs through every bone in our body, every thought in our mind.

This commitment to perfection begins each morning as we think like potential customers who, like us, love to share photos, video and ideas. Only then can we understand the problems and frustrations you face. We then take the rest of the day (and longer if needed) to solve these problems – simply, and efficiently.

Most recently the tribulations we set out to overcome were many. This included the fact that private sharing was pretty-much in a rut, relegated to the email inbox. And that all “group sharing” services were outdated and cumbersome. This is especially true for social networking services, who were either over-complicated (the heavyweight) or incomplete (the wanna-bes).

And this is exactly why we developed and launched Posterous Spaces. Its sole purpose in life is to help you share easier. And that’s what it does. All by adding fun new ways to share what’s important to you. And all while remaining true to our original promise of unrelenting simplicity.

For example, with Posterous Spaces you get intuitive privacy controls that mirror how you share in real life. This makes it super simple for you to share a personal photo gallery with your closest friends, who can return anytime to see the pictures again-and-again. Plus if you want, you can broadcast personal things to the entire world – like a video of singing cat you came across on the web. Source:

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