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Online Financial Tools - JemstepVisit Site: Jemstep

Cost: Free

Comments: Free accounts available with registration.

Description: With Jemstep, you profit from investment guidance that’s both personalized and objective. Whether you’re a novice or expert investor or somewhere in between. Whether you have a broker or not, one investment account or many.

Available to private investors for the first time Jemstep’s technology combines proven fundamentals and approaches used by institutional investors with methods devised by Nobel Prize-winning economists. The Jemstep ranking engine analyzes some 80 attributes of more than 20,000 mutual funds and ETFs to find the best of the best.

Based on your financial goals and profile —your age, assets, risk tolerance, and other investing preferences—Jemstep identifies your best investment options … compares them to funds you already own … and presents them in a ranked list, starting with your #1. So you get clear-cut, ready-to-act-on investment guidance customized for your unique situation.

By linking your investments accounts to Jemstep, you can monitor all your investments, all in one place. As your situation changes, Jemstep advise you what to buy, what to sell, and what to keep. So you can optimize your portfolio as needed and track your progress toward your goals. Source:

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