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Online Marketing Tools - FanBridgeVisit Site: FanBridge

Cost: Free (lite)

Comments: Free account with up to 400 emails per month available.

Description: FanBridge is the leading fan management and marketing platform for email and social media. The FanBridge platform consists of the best tools available to help you grow your fan base. Whether you’re starting with zero or a million, our tools will help you get more fans faster and keep them with you for the long haul.

Sustainable careers and businesses are not just about getting more and more fans, but keeping them engaged and loyal to you for years to come. FanBridge gives you the tools and guidance to turn casual fans into super fans – advocates that will spread the word and help you thrive.

Looking to really grow your business online? FanBridge helps you create a multi-channel sales engine to stimulate purchases and effectively turn your dedicated fans into lifelong customers.

Drive more traffic to your online stores, reward Super Fans with super deals, and track fan behavior to learn about spending habits. No matter what stage your business is in, we can help you increase your profits. Source:

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