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Documentary Sites - Documentary TubeVisit Site: Documentary Tube

Cost: Free

Comments: Watch hundreds of full-length documentaries for free.

Description: Documentary films are informative motion pictures that are intended to highlight events or issues for posterity. They are meant to bring some realization of a situation to its viewers.They often pose the pros and cons of issues and leave the viewer to make an informed decision. In their early conception, documentaries were usually made for schools or for private release. Today, things have definitely changed, as documentaries are even making it to the big screen.

The website is an excellent place where viewers can go and find documentaries on a variety of subjects. There are hundreds of movies available in full length form to watch right on the computer. This website is user-friendly and allows people to navigate through its impressive collection. One of the best advantages of this site is that it is absolutely free.

Visitors to are able to choose different subject matter from the content menu. There are twenty-two categories in which the documentaries are divided. These include such interesting subjects such as art, health, science, travel, history, and several others. Each documentary in the menu includes a cover picture as well as a brief blurb that describes the movie’s content. Again, they are all full-length features to enjoy; not just little excerpts. There is also a search field where users can type in a subject or the name of a documentary to see if it is available on the website.

Each week, the website features the top 100 documentaries that are being viewed. Some of them are basically entertaining information while others present emotionally-charged issues. There is a section of that invites visitors to submit documentaries that they have produced and made themselves. The submissions are reviewed by the websites editors to see if it is something that would be appropriate for the site. This feature broadens the variety of views and subject matter for viewers’ consideration.

For those who want to stay in the know about new releases featured on the website, there are a number of ways to be notified. Registering with for updates is easy and completely free. Users may choose to to have new documentaries sent to their feed reader via RSS feeds. People who have an email account may sign up for weekly email alerts. Every week, Documentary Tube will send a list of new releases that are available on Documentary Tube. Users can stay informed of the latest research and film documentation of current issues, subjects, and events. New release information is also available by liking Documentary Tube on Facebook or by following the site on Twitter. Which ever way viewers want to use, they will definitely stay current about newly-available documentaries.

People who regularly access Documentary Tube will find that a playlist will automatically be made of the documentaries that they have viewed. This makes it easy to go back to watch it again or to quickly scan the subjects and titles they have already watched. Sometimes, visitors to would like some further information about a documentary, or to read some reviews about the film. The site offers users a section of articles that review some of the current documentaries. This list of articles offers useful information for research and is updated every week.

Regardless of what people are interested in, they can find many good documentary films on Documentary Tube. It is a valuable resource for students and for those who are just wanting to broaden their understanding about different subjects and issues. With the quality collection offered by Documentary Tube, users can make more educated opinions about the world around them. It is well worth the visit to this website. Source:

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