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Unfortunately CompletePlanet has been discontinued. Please check out similar sites in the Deep Web category.
Deep Web Search - CompletePlanetVisit Site: CompletePlanet

Cost: Free

Comments: Deep web directory with over 70,000 searchable databases. 

Description: There are hundreds of thousands of databases that contain Deep Web content. CompletePlanet is the front door to these Deep Web databases on the Web and to the thousands of regular search engines — it is the first step in trying to find highly topical information.

By tracing through CompletePlanet’s subject structure or searching Deep Web sites, you can go to various topic areas, such as energy or agriculture or food or medicine, and find rich content sites not accessible using conventional search engines.

BrightPlanet initially developed the CompletePlanet compilation to identify and tap into many hundreds and thousands of search sources simultaneously to automatically deliver high-quality content to its corporate and enterprise customers. It then decided to make CompletePlanet available as a public service to the Internet search public.

Collectively, the value of these databases is extremely high. Each database is very focused in nature and the sheer numbers of them indicate that there are hundreds if not thousands in any given subject area. If you’re just surfing the Web, you can click on the link or links provided by CompletePlanet, go to the individual high value databases, and search one-by-one there.

But, if you need to tap into many of them in a given subject area, you need more powerful tools to find information you can’t get by any other means. Such a tool already exists and is called the Deep Query Manager (DQM), BrightPlanet’s powerful search tool designed to harvest from thousands of Deep Web databases and search engines at one time.

DQM is the kind of access point that is highly valuable to professional searchers and knowledge professionals. When you’re looking to shine a bright light in all the deep dark crevices and corners of the Web and make sure you can comprehensively discover all the content publicly available, this is the resource you need.

The sheer growth of the Internet is going to continue to place a challenge on everyone trying to completely access it. It really is a generations long challenge: to identify, organize and serve up the most relevant results from what is now the global information repository. BrightPlanet’s technologies are specifically designed to address those needs. Its services are built around a complete set of automated tools for identifying, talking to, retrieving, qualifying, placing and publishing the quality documents that can be obtained from those sites. Source:

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